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  • What is HydroDeck?
    Hydrodeck is a closed cell EVA UV protected non-absorbent foam, backed with 3M™ acrylic based high-bond pressure marine adhesive. We feel that we have the best product on the market to meet the consumer’s demands of comfort, durability, and stain resistance.
  • Do you have a secure shop I can bring my boat to for my decking installation?
    Our shop is located at 4060 Nile Street, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi 39520. Our facility is 3,500sqft and has enough space to have 4 boats at any given time and is secured with a surveillance system for added security. Please contact us to make an appointment as we will continue to support our off-site customers and may be away from the shop.
  • Do you perform on-site installations?
    Splashmats performs installations along coastal Mississippi. We've completed projects from Picayune over to Moss Point, and have also traveled up through the Laurel/Hattiesburg. NOTE: After April 1, 2021 we will be implementing a $150 travel fee for all on-site installations.
  • Which marine flooring companies is Splashmats a certified dealer for?
    Splashmats is a PROUD certifiied dealer for HydroDeck of Georgia and SafeFloor of Texas.
  • What are the differences between HydroDeck & SafeFloor?
    We catorgize the two options as "residential vs commerical". Both offer fantastic solutions to an upgrading flooring system in your boat that will add slip resistance, heat reduction, and sound dampening qualities to your boat. HydroDeck "residential" - a soft and comfortable feel great for the lesuire boater and light to moderate fisherman. SafeFloor "commerical" - a harder surface that will withstand the demands of hardcore fisherman, charter captians, and commerical vessels that require the surface to have a more durable surface for large fish, blood, and increased foot traffic.
  • What's the process for having HydroDeck installed on my boat?
    In-House installations will be a two trip process: Splashmats will digitally template your deck and create templates for each area of your boat to perform a "check fit" to confirm that no revisions are necessary prior to sending off the files to have the HydroDeck flooring produced. We will then work with you to schedule a return trip 2-3 weeks later for the final installation. On-site installations are a three trip process: ($150 trip fee will apply) First trip - Splashmats will create detailed templates of all the areas you would like to have HydroDeck installed. Taking all latches, openings and accessories into consideration. Once you have approved and signed off on the template, they will be sent to HydroDeck to have digitized in preparation for creating a paper test pattern. Second trip - Once the paper pattern is produced, Splashmats will return to your location to confirm placement and make any modifications that need to be made. Once the test pattern has been confirmed, Splashmats will communicate to HydroDeck to move forward with cutting the final material for your project. Final trip - Installation of your HydroDeck flooring!!! Once we receive your flooring, we'll return to your location one last time to install your new flooring!
  • Does SplashMats offer "standard" kits?"
    SplashMats does NOT offer "standard" kits for any of its flooring installations. Molds of any given make of boat will differ slightly from one to another making a "standard" kit more suceptible to not fitting correctly around the existing non-skid areas of your boat's surface. Furthermore, the locations and styles of the hinges and access latches are determined by the installer and can vary greatly from one boat to another. We understand that kits are a less expensive alternative to the digital templating that we perform, however we feel that this is the only way to get a custom fit. Below is an example of a "standard" kit that was ordered and installed by a customer. You can see that the location of the hinge is not centerly located in the space which leads to misalignment of the material and the need to adjust the material to be acceptable at best.
  • Where is HydroDeck made?
    We produce our "test fit" patterns here in BSL and once the fit is confirmed we send off the files for production in the HydroDeck Headquarters located in Acworth, Georgia.
  • What are the advantages of installing HydroDeck on my boat?
    - ease of installation - protection for boat surfaces against scratches, chips and dents - replaces the need for molded non-skid - exceptional traction even when wet - stain resistant - unparalleled comfort when standing, walking or leaning on boat surfaces - shock absorption, which decreases fatigue - noise reduction characteristics – ideal for fishermen and speed boats - customizable - individual pieces are easily replacable
  • Can I template and install HydroDeck myself?
    You sure can! Templating your boat is not an extremely difficult process but it does take a little effort and attention to detail.
  • How do I care for and maintain my HydroDeck Marine Flooring?
    CLEANING: The best way to prevent a stain is to clean a spill as soon as possible avoiding the spill to dry and stain.​ 1. For general cleaning needs on your Hydrodeck use Formula 409®, and warm water along with a soft to medium bristled brush. Mix 1:1 ration of 409 to warm water. 2. Put the cleaner in warm water. Dip soft/medium bristled boat brush in warm water and work around until oil is out. Rinse with warm water and repeat if necessary. Removing oils, start with option 1, if further cleaning is needed us a use the all purpose cleaner. Mix a ration of 5:1 warm water to all purpose cleaner. Put small amount of the all purpose cleaner on oil. Dip soft/medium bristled boat brush in warm water and work in an orbital fashion and then rinse with warm water and repeat if necessary. 3. Removing fish blood, use warm water and a mild cleaner such as Formula 409®, if more action is needed use 10:1 water to bleach mixture using a soft to medium brush scrub in an orbital fasion then rinse with water. Repeat if necessary. *DO NOT USE*: Pressure washer Stiff brissel brush Scrub so hard that you wear into the Hydrodecks surface Solvents or petrolium products Mineral Spirits Acetone Bleach STORAGE: Once the Hydrodeck has been installed, it is best to store out of the direct sunlight (full boat cover, covered slip, garage, etc. It is also important that the product is not stored near any highly reflective areas that could result in premature aging of the product. Keeping Hydrodeck out of the elements will increase the life of the product. It is never recommended to keep in direct sunlight.
  • Where can I learn more about HydroDeck?


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