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On behalf of Bluewater CNC Inc, we thank you for your purchase of Hydrodeck Marine Flooring.


This Limited Warranty is upheld by BlueWater CNC Inc., a Georgia Corporation in connection with the Buyer’s purchase of a Hydrodeck product. This Warranty constitutes the entire agreement between BlueWater CNC Inc. and the Buyer as to any warranty provided by BlueWater CNC Inc. to the Buyer on the Covered Product.


By purchasing a Hydrodeck Marine Flooring, Buyer accepts this Warranty and acknowledges the following:


  1. That Buyer has read and understands and agrees to the terms andlimitations of this Warranty.

  2. That Buyer has been provided with sufficient opportunity to consult with in dependent legal counsel regarding this Warranty and the limitations hereof, and that Buyer has not relied upon any statements or representations of BlueWaterCNC Inc, for Buyer’s understanding or interpretation of any provision hereof.

  3. That Buyer understands replacement materials may vary in color and texture


This warranty, only to the original purchaser of the Product is not transferable to subsequent owners, that the Products are free from defects in materials and workmanship at the time of manufacture and for a period of thirty-six (36) months from the date the products are shipped or are installed by Bluewater CNC Inc.


The limited warranty provided is subject to the strict precondition provided that the Products are used and maintained in accordance with all Hydrodeck specifications for preparation, installation, storage, as set forth in the two documents, Storing Hydrodeck Instructions (see installation) and Applying Hydrodeck Instructions, relevant to the Covered Product, which may be found posted at


Improper installation and/or repair voids this Warranty in its entirety, without exception.


This limited warranty does not cover the installation of the Product onto any surface

  1. Adhesion of the Product to the boat or to any other surface to which the products are applied.

  2. The product being subjected to temperatures in excess of 165°F (max temperature) which may occur as a result from sunlight being reflected and amplified to temperatures above. (ie: sunlight reflection from or through glass, compound curved gel coat, or any highly reflective surface) resulting in deformed, faded or deterioration of non-defective material. Areas subject to light reflection or amplification should be avoided and determined by the purchaser that installed areas do not exceed 165°F. BlueWater CNC Inc. retains no responsibility for determining these areas. BlueWater CNC Inc. shall not be responsible for any damage or loss resulting from any application or use of the Covered Product which exceeds the Max Temp of 165°F.

  3. This warranty applies only to material and workmanship of the Product itself. Some fading and/or discoloration of the Covered Products may occur with time and use in the marine environment; such fading and/or discoloration is not covered by this limited warranty. This limited warranty covers only excessive fading or polymer degradation resulting from defective materials Installations resulting in the Product’s experiencing temperatures in excess of the Max Temp of 165°F shall void this Warranty in its entirety.


Improper installation and/or repair voids this Warranty in its entirety, without exception.


Products determined by Bluewater CNC Inc to have material and/or workmanship defects will be covered as follows. Products deemed by Bluewater CNC Inc to be defective within thirty-six (36) months of Installation by Bluewater CNC Inc, or shipment to Buyer will be replaced or a refund for the defective product will be provided at Bluewater CNC Inc’s sole option, they may choose to cover the shipping charges of the replacement panel(s).


  1. Contact BlueWater CNC Inc @ 1-888-75-HYDRO

  2. Provide pictures of the affected area(s).

  3. Description of the issue.

BlueWater CNC Inc. will then send RMA instructions to return the product to determine the defective condition.

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